Andrey Yu. Shcherbakov
        Director of the Center
        Doctor of technical Science from 1997, Professor (Department of Information security) from 2001, Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences from 2001.
        Professional appointments: Professor of the Department of Security of the Digital Economy, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University), chief researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia, scientific director of the Government Security Program-Russia, certified developer of IBM operating applications, Microsoft system engineer. Andrey is respected worldwide as the leading Russian expert in the fields of cryptography and computer security, payment and banking systems security.
        Education:Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB of the USSR (1990, with highest praise).
        Awards:Andrey was awarded by the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia with Certificate of Appreciation "For integrity, objectivity and professionality", by the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers with Certificate of Recognition "For longstanding fruitful inventive activity", by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property with the medal of honor "For the Good of Russia".

        Sergey V. Zapechnikov
        First Deputy Director, Science
        Doctor of technical Science from 2011, Professor in the National Research Nuclear University, leading Russian expert in the field of cybersecurity, cryptography, distributed computing, data base and distributed registries’ access security, data mining and mashine learning.
        Education: The National Research Nuclear University, applied mathematics.
        Awards: badge of honour “MEPhI’s best teacher” (2005), grants of Vladimir Potanin Foundation (2003, 2006), letter of appreciation of the State Nuclear Energy Corporation “Rosatom” for longstanding dedicated scientific research and contribution to the development of nuclear science and technology (2018).
         Email:  s.zapechnikov@c3da.org

        Dmitry I. Pravikov
        Deputy Director, Computer Security
        Candidate of technical science (Ph.D, technic), head of the Scientific and Educational Center of New Information and Analytic Technologies of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, leading Russian expert in the field of computer security, the author of foundational works in the field of software methods of information security.
        Education: the Moscow Institute of Radioelectronics and Automatics.
         Email: d.pravikov@c3da.org

        Yuri A. Shushkevich
        Deputy Director, Economics and Innovation
        Candidate of Economic Sciences (Ph.D, economic) from 1993, holds the civil service rank of 2st class State Counsellor of the Russian Federation. Leading Russian economist, expert in the field of digital economy and digital finance, innovative technologies in the sphere of agriculture, bioenergy and bioorganic chemistry.
        Education: the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov, specialty "economical Cybernetics".
        Awards: the medal "850 years of Moscow" (1997), the recognition certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (2001), certificate and medal of the Russian Soy Union (2008), the medal "For innovative contribution to science, culture and education of Russia" (2012).
        Email: y.shushkevich@c3da.org

        Alina A. Riazanova
        Deputy Director, International Cooperation
        Expert in the field of international relations.
        Main scientific results in the field of digital science communication, of research in human capital and development, theory of distributed registries, economy of cryptocurrency.
         Education: Moscow State Linguistic University, 2002-2007, Fernuniversität in Hagen (Germany, 2012-2017). Postgraduate, speciality 05.25.05 - "Information processes and systems", 2017 - presently.
        Email: a.ryazanova@c3da.org

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