Вестник современных цифровых технологий № 8, сентябрь 2021 г.

Вестник современных цифровых технологий № 7, июнь 2021 г.

Вестник современных цифровых технологий № 6, март 2021 г.

Вестник современных цифровых технологий № 5, декабрь 2020 г.

Вестник современных цифровых технологий № 4, сентябрь 2020 г.

Вестник современных цифровых технологий № 3, Май 2020 г.

Вестник современных цифровых технологий № 2, Февраль 2020 г.

Вестник современных цифровых технологий № 1, Октябрь 2019 г.

       ☑ Научно-практический журнал
       ☑ Порядок рецензирования журнала
       ☑ Редакционный совет
       ☑ Условия предоставления рукописей
       ☑ Аннотации и ключевые слова к статьям

☑ Scientific and Practical Journal
☑ Review process
☑ Editorial board
☑ Submission terms
☑ Abstracts and keywords to the articles

Scientific and Practical Journal of Modern Digital Technologies


Journal of Modern Digital Technologies is a periodic scientific and practical journal covering the topics: digital economy, distributed ledgers, digital financial assets, cryptographic technologies, information security, digital technologies in education, finance and extractive industries, Internet of Things, digital art, literature on the digital economy, philosophical issues of digital technologies etc.

The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media, it has an International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2686-9373.

The publisher of the Journal is the Center for the Development of Cryptocurrencies and Digital Financial Assets (Association DCCDFA).

The Journal of modern digital technologies is a peer-reviewed journal (The order of peer review of the journal and is designed for a wide range of scientific community (researchers, teachers, students, graduate students and applicants) in Russia and the CIS, as well as employees of state institutions and business.

Each member of the editorial board has a doctorate degree (current list of the editorial board).

All issues can be found in large state libraries. The archive of the journal is available in the Scientific Electronic Library ( the Russian Science Citation Index - RSCI).

The materials published in the Journal, including attachments, should not contain scientific and technical information related to state, official or commercial secrets. The authors of the articles are responsible for the lack of this information. The editorial board and the editor-in-chief have the right to request from the authors a document confirming the absence of the specified information, drawn up in the prescribed manner.

The publication of articles in the journal is free for authors, including graduate students. The rules for submitting manuscripts to the editors can be found on this page The authors have the right to pay for the services of third parties to perform technical work on the website or in the magazine layout, including printing paper copies of the magazine.

The journal is published in Russian. The frequency of publication is quarterly. The edition is 500 copies. The journal contains only author's scientific publications.

Editorial office address: Moscow, Usievich st., 20, room 207. Phone: +7(499)155-43-26. Email: accda@c3da.org

Subscription index in the catalog "Press of Russia": 79111